Listen To Older Voices: Robyn Youlten – Part 1

Robyn and her mother – [CLOCK to enlarge]


This is Part 1 of a 3-part Life and Times story of Robyn Youlten.



Robyn turned out to be a most wonderful woman with some most wonderful stories. Born in Brunswick Victoria in 1955, Robyn is a Baby Boomer and it would be quite impossible to sum up her story in a few lines.

Robyn takes us on a wonderful journey through her life that commences from her earliest memories.

Born into a loving family, Robyn was given the type of parental guidance that helped set her up for life and in fact also contributed to her love for her parents.

listen to older voices: robyn yulten – part 1
Robyn’s father and mother – [CLICK to enlarge]


Being a “Smart Little Bunny (her words) she explains how this actually made her life more difficult than she would have liked. Growing up in the “Swinging 60’s” she found herself immersed in a new way of thinking, new music and new ideas.

Once you listen to part 1 of her story, you will not want to miss the remainder over the following 2-parts.


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