Top 10 Suburbs To Invest In Gold Coast 2022

The Gold Coast, Australia’s 6th biggest city, is expeditious with the compelling benefit of investing in practically all of its areas. The Gold Coast suburbs are reasonably priced and lucrative in several ways. We usually remark that purchasing one apartment for family use is not precisely what you call a real estate investment choice since the wise investment methods and purchasing behaviour change. Despite limitations and the lack of internal or external visitors, the Gold Coast domestic economy has enjoyed high demand throughout 2021, as did most markets around the country. The relative cost of residential properties has primarily fuelled this, with national migrants from costly Sydney and Melbourne at the head of the line. If you’re unsure about which suburbs are the best to invest in 2022, we’re here to assist. 

The Gold Coast’s Top Suburbs For Real Estate Investment

1. Burleigh Waters:

Burleigh is a desirable Gold Coast suburb with an existing population of 14,310 inhabitants. Burleigh Waters was built with 70% standalone houses, some with seaside views, and 21% condos and apartments. The living is extremely luxurious here.

Burleigh Waters has average selling prices of $1,025,000 for houses and $495,000 for apartments. It has an average annual growth rate of 6.77% for houses and 3.87% for units. Its weekly rent for standalone homes is $730 and for units is $478, resulting in Gross Rental Yields of 3.70% for houses and 5.02% for units.

2. Broadbeach Waters

Broadbeach Waters is another enchanting  Gold Coast residential suburb with a community of 7,779 inhabitants. The majority of the houses in Broadbeach Waters are located around or next to the Canals. Pacific Fair, the Gold Coast’s second-biggest retail mall, is located in Broadbeach Waters. Many real estate professionals believe that in the approaching years, Broadbeach Waters will see more luxury and expensive home and unit constructions.

3. Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise has a populace of 23,689 individuals. Sky-high residential structures and a lengthy stretch of the shoreline may be seen in the surroundings. Surfers Paradise has some of the greatest retail on the Gold Coast, with a range of retailers located on Cavill Avenue and nearby streets.

The average annual growth rate for homes and apartments in Surfers Paradise is 1.56% and 1.02%, respectively. Surfers Paradise has an average sale price of $1,520,000 for homes and $415,000 for apartments. Surfers Paradise had an average rental price per week of $780 for houses and $420 for units. It has a gross rental income of 2.67% and 5.26% for houses and units, respectively.

4. Miami

With a total of 6,843 inhabitants, Miami is a seaside community located along the Gold Coast Highway. Miami is one of the most desirable communities on the West Coast, featuring reasonably priced family homes. Miami has independent houses and condos in the 13th and 14th%iles. Miami is also known for its nightclub and surfing culture.

Miami’s average retail price for houses is $990,000 while it is $555,000 for apartments or units with an AAGR of 6.72% for houses and 4.73% for units. Miami’s median weekly rent for homes is $625 and for units is $500, resulting in Gross Rental Yields of 3.28% for houses and 4.68% for units.

5. Noosaville

Noosaville is a suburb consisting of canal houses, villas on the hillside with a wooded environment, and houses on acreage somewhat outside of town. Noosaville has a decent DSR in terms of housing, which is expected to climb even further in the coming years with all of the construction.

The median sale price for homes in Noosaville is $1,360,000, and the average weekly rent for houses and apartments in Noosaville is $700 and $510, respectively.

Noosaville’s average annual growth rate (AAGR) for houses is 5.88% and 5.66% for units, with net property prices for houses and units being 2.68% and 4.42%, respectively.

6. Robina

Robina is yet another housing society in Gold Coast City. It has an existing population of 23,106 individuals. Robina is well-known for its medical centres, institutions, schools, playgrounds, and athletics. Robina is an opulent area known for its high-end flats and villas, as well as other infrastructural works.

Robina has an average sale price of $770,000 for homes and $488,944 for units. The average annual growth rate is 4.11% for standalone houses and 0.70% for units. According to CoreLogic, the median weekly rent in Robina is $620 for houses and $530 for units, with a net rental income of 4.19% for houses and 5.64% for units.

7. Noosa Heads

With an existing community of 4,484 people, Noosa Heads is a fantastic beach town and suburb on the Gold Coast. The beach at Noosa Heads is a very popular place to visit. For its position, Noosa Heads was named one of the Q150 Icons.

The average annual growth rate for homes and apartments in Noosa Heads is 8.71% and 7.62%, respectively. Noosa Heads has an average sale price of $1,465,000 for houses and $1,122,500 for units. The median rent per week in Noosa Heads was $780 for houses and $625 for units, with gross rental yields of 2.77% and 2.90% for houses and units, respectively.

8. Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a beachfront suburb with a community of 14,654 individuals. With increased construction and demand for luxury flats, Palm Beach encourages fantastic beachside life.

Palm Beach has an average sale price of $1,030,000 for homes and $600,000 for units. It has an average annual growth rate of 7.15% for houses and 5.52% for units, respectively. The average rent per week for Palm Beach homes is $698 and $460 for units, with a gross rental income of 3.52% for houses and 3.99% for units.

9. Mudgeeraba

Mudgeeraba is another great suburb to invest in Gold Coast. It has a population of 13,624 individuals. Mudgeeraba received the Friendliest Town Award in 2009. Mudgeeraba is a growing area, thus there will be a significant increase in investment property in the future.

Mudgeeraba has an average house and unit selling prices of $715,000 and $450,000, respectively. As far as the average annual growth rate is concerned, it is 4.43% for houses and 3.53% for units. Mudgeeraba’s median weekly rent for houses is $600 and $490 for units, resulting in Gross Rental Yields of 4.36% for houses and 5.66% for units.

10. Southport:

 Southport is regarded as the Gold Coast’s CBD with a population of 31,908 people.. Southport is home to a number of excellent schools and institutions. Southport features a plethora of new developments that are ideal for long-term investment. Southport is a major tourism point as well as a desirable housing and educational centre, therefore the population and tourist amenities are gradually increasing.

Its median sale price for homes is $661,250, while for units, it is $375,000, with an average annual growth rate of 4.31% for houses and 1.04% for units, respectively. 

The Bottom Line

The Gold Coast is Australia’s greatest expanding city in terms of popularity, lifestyle, economy, projects, jobs, and property worth. If you want to know other suburbs to invest in 2022, read more. To get the most out of it, we recommend that you stick to the facts, statistics, and confirmed reports. Demand for properties is expanding as a result of the growing trend of working remotely, population growth, and immigration. Gold Coast is the sixth biggest city on the Gold Coast, offering excellent investment prospects.

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