How to Surprise Plant Lovers for Their Birthday

Shopping for an ideal birthday present is always a challenge. You don’t want to risk buying the wrong gift or getting something they already have. However, when shopping for a plant lover, the options are so vast that your chances of making a mistake are minimal. The easiest option is picking up any potted plant, but you’ll want to be more generous and creative so offer them something that will sweep them off their feet. Check out the following list for a few nifty suggestions.

A plant-growing guide

Whether your plant lover is a beginner or an experienced plant grower, a plan-growing guide will be a lovely gift. Novice plant lovers will learn a lot and know how to avoid the most common gardening mistakes. Experienced growers can brush up on their knowledge and improve what they already know about plant growing. You live, you learn, so a guidebook will, without a doubt, offer invaluable info to any plant lover regardless of their experience.

Indoor gardening kit

If they don’t already own one, an indoor gardening kit can be a fantastic present. That’s especially convenient for Sydneysiders who live in an apartment without a proper terrace where they can grow all the plants they’d like. With an indoor gardening kit, a plant lover will have the chance to cultivate fresh herbs indoors. The kit comes with pre-seeded plant capsules that grow fresh herbs after filling the reservoir with water and plugging the device in.

Various merchandise with plant motifs

Sometimes plant lovers are so in love with their hobby that they’ll leave little room for you to surprise them for their birthday with an appropriate present. Step away from the pots and plants option, and think about plant motifs merchandise you can find in Sydney. Do they have a Plant Lady mug? How about a reusable tote with an image of a cactus? A t-shirt, a compact mirror, a dress with leafy motifs and similar items will delight any plant lover.

A plant they don’t own yet

No matter how many plants your plant-lover owns, they will always miss another one. Do your research and ask them or their family about the plant they’ve been wanting to buy for some time. Surprise them by arranging a plant delivery in Sydney to bring the plant to their home or office. Don’t forget to include a card with your best regards and a signature, so they know the gift is from you.

Journal for plants

If they’re an avid plant-lover, your friend will have so many plants that it will be challenging to keep track of everyone’s needs. Therefore, think about giving them a journal with floral motifs where they can note down how much water each plant got and whether their garden needs more frequent watering and food or not. A gardening journal will also come in handy if they ever need to leave their plants with a family member because of a vacation or a business trip.h

Garden tool set

A spare three-piece gardening tool set is another convenient gift idea that any plant-grower will love. Constant wear and tear will eventually make the current gardening set unusable. Offer your plant-lover a spare set of trowels, cultivator, and pruning shear, all printed in a floral pattern for the ultimate at-home gardening experience.

Wall plant display set

Potted plants don’t always have to rest on the window sill. If there’s enough space on the walls, hanging plant displays will be a creative way to show off plants and decorate the room at the same time. Introducing more nature-like vibes is always a good idea for an interior, so getting them a wall plant display set is a win-win option.

Don’t worry when you need to get a plat lover a birthday present next. Just check our suggestions, and you’ll be sorted for several occasions. Moreover, you can easily get inspired by our recommendations and come up with other neat ideas.

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