What is Genealogy and Why is it Important

Genealogy is the science of tracing your ancestors, i.e. the study of heritage and family origins. Namely, researching about your ancestors’ lives, all the way back to the first ancestor who began the family lineage. Knowing your genealogy can bring you closer to your family and give you invaluable insight into the family history and where you come from. Want to find out more about the importance of genealogy? We have everything you need to know right in this article.

Family traditions

Have you ever wondered where your family traditions come from? Do you know of any traditions that your family keeps today? Genealogy gives insight into your family’s past and discovers all those mystery moments in the past that made your family what it is today. You can find out how your traditions came to be, why they were important to your ancestors and why you should continue keeping them alive in the future. When you want to feel closer to your heritage, consider hiring a genealogist to help you learn more. You can quickly learn more about your community and how your ancestors shaped the area you live in today.

Identity reasons

Family is the biggest part of our identity. Who we are, has deep roots in who our family is. From your parents to their parents and their parents’ parents, all the way to the first person that started your family line contributes to your identity. If you’re having trouble figuring out who you are or who you want to be, it would be a great idea to start learning more about your ancestors. More often than not, people find out that they’re very similar to their ancestors, physically and character-wise. When did your ancestors come to the country you’re living in? Was your family ever settled in a different country or another continent? Genealogy answers all those questions and many others.

Learn more about potential medical conditions

One of the benefits of knowing your genealogy is your health. Many conditions are genetic, so knowing whether you have any family illnesses in your line could save your life. So, consider hiring professional genealogy services if you don’t know enough about your family, but would like to. Knowing whether there’s a history of cancer, diabetes, heart conditions or other illnesses will give you the chance to be proactive about your or your children’s health and prevent a series of health issues in the future.

Find relatives

Do you want to know more about your distant relatives and if you have any? Genealogy can help you in that area as well. A professional genealogist will help you find relatives that might be scattered all over the world and connect you with them. Your relatives can then inform you about other family members you never knew or that you could still get to know. Expand your family circle by hiring a genealogist who will work on discovering as much as possible about your family history. Find out why your parents chose that name for you, or why your ancestors had the names they did.

Meet like-minded people

If you’re looking to find all the answers on your own, you’re in for an exciting ride. On your way to finding out more information about your family, you will come across a group of like-minded people who are also interested in genealogy and its benefits. Meet people online or at the library to discover more about science, whilst spending time with interesting people. That is especially true for retirees who have plenty of time on their hands and need people to hang out with. Start your research with the help of other genealogy lovers to get all the answers you need in the best company.

Looking for birth parents

People who are adopted often need to find out who their birth parents are. Not knowing where you come from can be traumatic and prevent you from accepting your identity. When you don’t know anything about your family and heritage, genealogists will be there to offer help and find your birth family, offering all the information you need about where you came from.

Whether you’re wondering where you came from or who your birth parents are, hire a genealogist to help you find your answers. If you’re interested in this science, you’ll come across many like-minded people and have a lot of fun researching your or someone else’s family. Genealogy will answer all the most interesting questions about your family, and those vital for your well-being, too.

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