Tour starts this week!

Remember back in 2020 when I released my introspective album “From the Bottom of the Well” – an album full of sadness and longing and questioning?

Well, the album I’m making now is a concept album far removed from my own life. It is about other characters I make up in my head all tied together by one thing: dance.

Remember how they banned dance floors!? Here in Naarm/Melbourne we even had curfews for months and months on end. This project is a response to those feelings of being banned, and trapped, and anxious. It’s time for fun, dancing, parties, laughter and getting together again.

That’s what this journey is for me. And I’m excited to share it with you over the next month out on the road and on your screen.

I am on tour for the first time in years and it feels good. Please help me to spread the word so that I can keep the touring up well into the rest of the year. Naarm/Melbourne audiences, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve added a 9:30pm show on July 30th, but tickets are moving quick, so hop to it.

And to my dearest interstate audiences, I am currently booking my Australian National Tour throughout November. I’m coming to visit you! Internationally, 2023 is the year. For now though, I’ll be back online for a very special live stream on July 24th.

Can’t wait to see you! xx

An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music, Merri Creek Tavern, Northcote, 7:30pm and 9:30pm, $15 < buy tickets

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