UNEARTHED by PluiginHUMAN – Glen Eira City Council Gallery — Final days



Glen Eira City Council Gallery

9 June to 10 July 2022

PluginHUMAN (Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer), Akshat Nauriyal, and Yorta Yorta artist Lorraine Brigdale bring UNEARTHED to the Glen Eira City Council Gallery from 9 June–10 July 2022. The projection-mapped immersive installation and microverse, bring First Nations cultural perspectives, and digital art to the fore, with its reimaging to include the voices of the local Glen Eira community.

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Description automatically generatedThe UNEARTHED installation features contemporary re-workings of Yorta Yorta shields by Lorraine Brigdale, which will be printed on semi-translucent fabric enveloping the gallery space from floor to ceiling.

“In this project is an opportunity to unite a First Nation woman’s contemporary view of Aboriginal war shields together with current ideas in scientific imagery, illumination and video art,” says Lorraine Brigdale. “The collaboration prioritises Aboriginal art as an integral part of the visual imagery, encouraging a conversation around cultural awareness which is always this artist’s intention”.

Description: https://meltwater-apps-production.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/images/584a31b78b456fc27d89da7a/blobid2_1655168909903.jpgAs part of the immersive experience, audiences can connect to a microverse via their phone to access an explorable digital landscape created by Akshat Nauriyal. This microverse is a parallel universe that exists alongside our non-digital reality.

Betty Sargeant says, “We use the name ‘microverse’ as a way to describe a small independent digital landscape…the UNEARTHED microverse reflects a kind of alternate universe. One that coexists side-by-side with our non-digital reality”.

The circular patterns in the mural have been made from micrographs and mathematical noise. Sargeant photographed the microscopic detail of wasp wings and Dwyer applied mathematical noise to the images. This created circular motifs that fuse scientific imagery with computer generative processes.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:zillabrook:Downloads:PluginHUMAN_UNEARTHED_GE_6306 s.jpgPluginHUMAN will be interviewing Glen Eira residents, business owners and personalities to include their responses in the installation’s soundscape. Participants will be asked to comment on their experiences, feelings or observations around both physical and digital landscapes in their environment. Their words will then be combined and woven together to create an impressionistic audio representation of contemporary landscapes. This poetic spoken word collage will be fused with field recordings created by Betty Sargeant and an original electronic music soundtrack created by Justin Dwyer to form the final installation soundscape.

UNEARTHED – an immersive digital installation
Glen Eira City Council Gallery

Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield

9 June to 10 July 2022, 1 – 5pm daily

Free Exhibition

Artist credits:

Betty Sargeant: Artist (micrographs), field recordings, creative director, producer

Lorraine Brigdale: Artist (shields), cultural leader

Justin Dwyer: Artist (projection mapping), music composer and producer, technical director, TouchDesigner programmer

Akshat Nauriyal: New Media Artist (Microverse)


Artwork by PluginHUMAN

Image by: Handcrafted Pictures

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