How To Prepare The Best Christmas Table Setting

The holiday season brings promise to the coming of countless get-togethers, festivities, family dinners, Christmas parties, luncheons, and a well anticipated backyard barbeque for all the folks residing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Everybody naturally wants to host the best Christmas get-together possible to make sure they’re creating lasting, cherished memories to share with their friends and family.

Don’t get us wrong. We all know that the Christmas banquet featuring all our favourite foods we rarely enjoy throughout the rest of the year is the real star of the show. However, sprucing up the table with some appropriately themed Christmas decorations can really go a long way to elevate the festivities.

To give you some unique ideas on how you can make your upcoming Christmas party one to remember, here are some Christmas decorations and Christmas table setting recommendations.

Christmas Wreaths

A good Christmas wreath is an essential decorative ornament that really ties the room together. They are typically displayed in the key-focal point of your table setting.

As such, the Christmas wreath may be the first of many decorations that your guests lay their eyes on so you’re going to make sure the one you pick out is extravagant, and perfectly sets the mood.

The best part about larger Christmas wreaths is that they provide plenty of space for you to decorate it to your own liking. If you have any spare decorations that you didn’t get to use on your Christmas tree, then consider using them to spruce up your wreath. Decorating your wreath with your family can be a great way to spend time together, and let your personalities shine!

Tabletop Christmas Trees

Celebrating Christmas can be rather stressful at times simply because there is too much fun to be had!

What should I get up to first? Should we feast on our Christmas supper? Or should we lounge around the living room, and enjoy our presents under the tree?

If you’re feeling indecisive, tabletop Christmas trees are perfect for you. Bring the most recognisable piece of Christmas iconography to your Christmas table setting to enhance the festivities.

Everyone will be sure to fall in love with the adorable miniature tabletop Christmas tree. If you look around, we’re sure you can find matching adorable miniature decorations to deck the tree out, making it look just how you want it to.

Christmas Baubles

Christmas Baubles are some of the most mesmerising decorations that are traditionally only featured during the end of the year. To give your table the quintessential Christmas look, we recommend using red, gold, and silver-coloured baubles in various sizes, and place them interchangeably along the table to give off the warm feeling we all associate with Christmas.

Don’t use them all on the table because you want to make sure there are plenty of them left to light up your tree. Plus, you’re going to want to save room for some of the rest of the items on this list!

Christmas Garlands

Christmas garlands are a fan favourite Christmas decoration. Surely everybody has an old memory of fashioning one upon themselves like a scarf, right? Not only are they fun to play around with, but they are also a highly versatile flair you can add to the Christmas table setting.

They can be fastened along the edges of your table. Spiral down the legs of the table. Or if you’re feeling cheeky, you can always grab a spare and wrap one around yourself! Christmas garlands come in a variety of festive colours and sizes so you can pick out a perfect set to match your room!

Christmas Flowers

Using artificial Christmas flowers to add the finishing touches to your Christmas table setting is always a treat. Having a nice set of faux Christmas flowers will save you the hassle of procuring a fresh set every year only to have them whither. Adding colours of red, gold and whites can really enhance the festivities.

They make the table conspicuous while at the same time give the overall ambiance a lively look. Some small Christmas flowers can be allocated to each table setting to really provide a personalised friendly welcome to all of your guests.

Christmas Ornaments

Small holiday figurines and other attractive Christmas ornaments can be included to set the mood. They’re especially nice if you have small children attending your gathering and can double as little toys to keep them engaged.

Add a little surprise for each member by packing a small Christmas ornament in a little organza gift bag with some foliage and artificial Christmas flowers. Tie it up with a ribbon, and place it on the table setting as a takeaway surprise gift for the person who sits there.

The last tip is remember to have fun! We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas this upcoming holiday season.


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