‘SECRETS’ by Sancia Robinson and Nick Steain, dir Ben Grant The Butterfly Club July 11-16

Review by Meredith Fuller OAM Psychologist & Author

“SECRETS, a new, original work created by Sancia Robinson and Nick Steain, at The Butterfly Club from July 11-16.

Made in collaboration with Tinny Pants and 24 Carrot Productions.

Secrets. Everyone has them. We keep them close, untold. But what happens when we open up and share our stories? Can we find connection?

One hour, five actors, thirty incredible secrets told through a series of powerful, moving and sometimes hilarious verbatim monologues. Secrets sheds light on our internal worlds with a goal to release us all from the shame caused by holding back the truth about who we really are.

The secrets you will hear in this show are real, gifted by real people from a diverse range of backgrounds. What they reveal… well, we wouldn’t want to give everything away, would we?”

Produced by Fiona Crombie. Directed by Ben Grant and featuring actors Zach Blampied, Yiana Pandelis, Susanna Qian, Sancia Robinson and Nick Steain.

This is a pungent play with an exceptional script and satisfying role juxtapositions. Both profound and amusing, the writing reminds us of our societal loss as we hear about shame, abandonment, and longing.

The ensemble of 5 impressive actors are deftly choreographed as they deliver monologues and duos while inhabiting a broad variety of recognisable archetypes. Excellent casting – the ensemble is strong and believable. Judging by both the laughter and hushed concentration of the audience, every persona hits the mark. Effective wardrobe changes and faultless body language immediately resonates with the audience. An actor manages to stay in role as she requests her ‘Line’, endearing her to the audience. Each actor demonstrates their versatility and mastery of nuance. I appreciated the diversity and I’d like to see more of them all.

The dextrous use of chairs by each actor provides skilful metaphor. For example, an elevated stool becomes a baby high-chair as the daughter explores her conflicted feelings about her mentally ill mother; a cheap wooden barstool reinforces the poverty of a displaced child with his single mother in a housing commission flat, and a cold steel chair introduces a dominatrix plagued by memories of childhood sexual abuse.

Starting and Finishing with a funny anecdote, we are all reminded of the human desire for connection – how friendship, care and trust gives us the hope to keep going. Entertaining, enjoyable, and poignant, this is worthwhile theatre.


Thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed a lot, as well as feeling affected by the sociological and psychological issues.
Believe me, no topic was left out! HIghly recommend it.

BOOKINGS The Butterfly Club 8.30pm – 9.30pm 11-16 July


Sancia Robinson


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