6 Benefits of Email Hosting to Your Business

A business owner has a lot of duties and responsibilities that they have to juggle 24/7. One of these duties is to pay attention to business emails, and we all know how tiring it is, especially when you receive tons of them.

However, if you’re looking to make things a lot easier regarding email, then maybe you should consider email hosting. Email plays a huge role in a business’s everyday operations, so we should never neglect it. However, what is email hosting, and what are its advantages to our business?

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is an internet hosting service that rents and operates email servers for businesses. It’s pretty different from Yahoo or Gmail and is usually a premium that you have to pay for their services. Free email services like Gmail or Yahoo have a lot of restrictions, and most of the time, they are not customizable.

That said, for email hosting services like Registry, your providers will be able to cater to low to high email traffic for businesses of varying sizes. More than that, they usually provide more customizations, such as having your business’s email, usually in the format of “[email protected]” or “[email protected]

Usually, large enterprises have no use for email hosting services as they have the money to buy their email servers. Still, if you’re a business owner looking to have a more distinguished email and other email hosting services, then email hosting is for you. ]

But what other advantages does email hosting have?

Improve Brand Consistency

One of the most significant benefits of email hosting services is that they will improve brand consistency for your business. While you can take advantage of the free ones instead, like Google and Yahoo, you can have, as mentioned earlier, a more customizable domain name, which looks more professional and legitimate in the eyes of your customers.

Connect All Email Addresses

One of the most annoying things about business email is that you often have multiple ones for individual emails, business emails, employee emails, etc. You can connect all of these emails to a single and more secure server with a hosting email service.

Expand Storage Space

For personal emails on free sites like Yahoo and Gmail, there is a limit on how many emails your account can hold at once. However, that isn’t too much of a problem as most of the emails we have in our inbox are spam and advertisements, so it’s just a matter of deletion. However, it’s different for business emails.

Most emails are essential, so you have to skim every one of these emails to ensure you’re not deleting something important. Also, as mentioned just now, free sites have a limit, so you don’t have any choice but to delete some of your emails and hope that not a single one is important.

That said, for email hosting services, you don’t have to worry about that since you can enjoy a more expanded storage space for your emails. You can even have the providers delete any spam with your permission next time you get one.

Fast Customer Support

Sometimes, we worry about our emails being deleted without permission or having any issues. However, with an email hosting service, you won’t have to worry too much about that since they often have fast and reliable customer support when dealing with your business’ email issues. In addition, hosting providers know how vital email handling is to a business, so you can rest assured that they are taking care of your emails round the clock.

No More Spams and Malware

An excellent email hosting service can block any potential spam or malware that can infiltrate your email. Of course, we all know how damaging those are, so it’s always good to be protected from them. Email hosting providers mostly have anti-virus scanners that check every email that comes across your business and have filtering techniques like greylisting, blacklisting, and whitelisting to ensure that your email is always free of spam.

Guaranteed Up-Time

Have you ever experienced trying to browse your email, but you can’t because the email address is down? Well, with an email hosting service, you are guaranteed that the up-time will be 24/7.

This way, you won’t have any issues regarding miscommunication between your clients and other critical business partners. Not only that, if they do have our email down, the address book feature automatically stores all of your important contacts and will even retrieve them if the site is lost.

Final Words

Email handling is one of the most important aspects of a business nowadays. It’s a popular way of communicating with other businesses and clients, so without it, an essential line of communication is lost. That said, if you’re looking for a fast and reliable way of handling your email, then email hosting is for you.

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