Find out the most popular women’s jewellery in Australia!

What comes to your mind when you think about Australia? Certainly, beautiful landscapes, space, amazing nature, beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise water. For sure unearthly views are the ones that the rest of the world envies Australians. However, Australia is also a place where you will meet the latest fashion trends on the streets! Usually, it is comfort combined with elegance. Australians love feminine accessories and jewellery, whether they go to the beach, party or work. Jewellery is an inseparable element of everyday style! They love earrings, pendants, bracelets and also ankle bracelets!

Earring madness, a wealth of colours, designs and shapes

Jewellery in Australia is primarily the magic of colours and interesting forms. It is also mixing various jewellery designs or summer classics in the form of marine or boho motifs. On hot days, when we expose the body, wear light and delicate fabrics, it is the accessories that create the entire stylization. Large, colourful and eye-catching earrings can change even the simplest outfit. Thanks to them, each woman will express her individual style. Earrings in pastel colours, with dangling feathers or tassels will be perfect for sheer dresses. They will look beautiful with carelessly pinned up hair. For a crazy night at the club, richly decorated statement earrings are very popular. Gold, silver, with decorative stones, pearls and cubic zirconia! There is one rule – they must be the most important point of the entire outfit. Some ladies also combine this type of earrings with jeans and a plain t-shirt. It is changing the style of the entire outfit into a more expressive one. On the other hand, more minimalist earrings are eagerly chosen for work. It is usually single pearl studs or tiny and delicate golden or silver hoops. At Axessorize online store: you will find a huge selection of made in Australia earrings in every colour, size and style. Also, a huge selection of other beautiful luxurious affordable fashion accessories.

Jewellery that reigns on Australian beaches – you must check out!

Sun, water, beach is associated with carefree times. Women on Australian beaches know what jewellery to choose to look phenomenal. Jewellery referring to the sea and its various treasures are perfect for beach. That is why shells in various forms and pearls are eagerly worn by women on the beach. Shell ankle bracelets have been a fashion hit in last years. Pearls, especially in a golden setting, beautifully emphasize the sun-kissed skin. Gold looks beautiful against the background of tanned skin. Boho style jewellery also reigns supreme on the beaches and is a perfect decoration for any bikini. Boho is primarily natural materials, tassels and feathers. The most popular motifs used in the boho style include kites, free birds or a dreamcatcher. Jewellery with natural stones is also in line with the current beach trend. Moreover, according to ancient beliefs, natural stones have enormous power – they not only attract good luck, but also provide health and beauty. Believe it or not – such jewellery looks amazing. The most desirable stone this summer is turquoise, which perfectly highlights a golden tan. This precious stone looks beautiful in pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings. You can wear it in matching sets such as a ring and earrings or a bracelet and earrings. Remember about moderation. Less is more! Best to wear maximum of two parts of the set at a time, not more.

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