6 Summer Fashion Tips that Will Boost Your Confidence

With warm months coming our way, it’s important to know how to dress accordingly. It’s an unwritten rule to show off more skin during summer which may make some women feel a bit more insecure in their own bodies. However, your body is you and you have only one of those so you need to learn how to appreciate every inch of yourself even on the warmest of days. Read on to find out how to feel confident and empowered this summer with our summer wear tips below!

The importance of underwear

Underwear may not be the first thing you think of when planning your summer wardrobe, but we can promise that if you select the incorrect design or materials, you’ll be miserable all day. When it’s hot outside, nothing beats a pair of your favourite, tried-and-true favourite pieces.

Instead of bulky bras with push-up cups, use thin bralettes or cotton panties, and choose organic fabrics wherever feasible. There’s nothing more disastrous to your skin and comfort than polyester fabric, especially when it’s scorching outside. Your nether regions will thank you, trust us. Consider buying some cotton cycling shorts to alleviate any discomfort you may be experiencing while wearing dresses or skirts. They will keep you cool and dry all day, plus you won’t experience chafing. Keep in mind that chafing of thighs affects women of all shapes and sizes, not only those who are deemed bigger by society’s standards. You’ll instantly feel more self-assured if you’re content and relaxed with some shorts underneath your skirt.

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Feel confident when working out

In a pair of stretchy tights, you can do anything from a Downward Dog to a 5-mile run with ease. The ideal material for summer is a cotton and spandex combination that is both breathable and flexible. An elastic waistband is essential for comfort especially if you often experience bloating. You may wear your new favourite comfy tights to a Pilates workout as well as to do errands. Choose a colour that can be worn with everything, like black or cream, for optimum fashion flexibility. Additionally, yoga pants may be paired with a wide variety of tops. For summer we suggest you wear only a sports bra, especially if you get a bit too sweaty too soon. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to show up in skin-tight clothing, you can always throw on your favourite oversized shirt over it! When working out, you don’t want to be distracted by feeling a bit insecure which is why it’s so important to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Don’t forget about your comfort

Dressing for comfort is a great way to increase your self-esteem. The more confident you appear, the more others will respect you and see you as someone who’s self-assured and successful. Because of this, if you are unhappy with your outfit, others will be able to tell. Remember, you’ll look and feel better in your clothing if you’re happy with them. Mom jeans and white sneakers are currently trendy since they’re both comfy and fashionable. However, if you feel insecure or simply “off” when wearing all the latest trends – ditch them! You have the option of wearing whatever makes you feel great, so if it’s a skirt that went out of style a decade ago why not keep rocking it!? Keep in mind that dressing for comfort does not just include donning loose-fitting clothing. It’s all about feeling good in your clothes.

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Don’t blindly follow trends

Trend cycles used to be a yearly thing. Nowadays, there seems to be a new trend every week or so! Not only is blindly following the cultural zeitgeist simply tiring, but it can also be hard on your wallet. How can you feel confident for the summer if you’re not financially comfortable? On the other hand, buying all the trendy clothes and discarding them after a month is extremely unsustainable. The fashion industry is one of the largest pollutants on our planet and it seems that we’re forgetting about that factor. Plus, fast fashion is thriving using unethical work practices which we can only stop by limiting the amount we spend on websites such as SheIn and Zaful. If you still want to feel confident and fashionable this summer you can very well do it sustainably! Try to shop at op shops as much as possible or you may try to challenge yourself and be a bit more creative by recycling and repurposing the items you already own.

Wear flowy clothes

Many of you may have learned this the hard way but it’s common knowledge that when the sun is shining, skin-tight clothes may make you feel like you’re in the middle of a sauna. Loose, flowy clothes can help you feel more comfortable and confident, even as the temperature rises. When it comes to summer fashion, selecting the proper look for the weather and your body type are equally important. The right clothing such as a maxi skirt paired with a white T-shirt will give you the self-assurance you need. Choose materials such as linen, cotton, and silk. Thankfully, wide styles have never been as popular!

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Details are crucial

When it comes to clothing, there is no one-size-fits-all no matter how much clothing manufacturers try to convince us otherwise. Pay attention to what sort of clothes you feel most comfortable in and how they make you feel and look. This is where attention to detail is critical. Bikinis and swimwear are where this is easily noticeable. There are so many styles, yet many funnily aren’t even designed for swimming, only for taking Insta-selfies. A bikini that doesn’t fall off as you move is a must. Is it better for you to wear a high wasted model or tied-string bottom? What’s better, a halter or a triangular top? Go bikini shopping and discover the ideal swimwear for you, the one in which you’ll feel most secure and ready to conquer the beach.

The most important thing to have in mind during summer, and quite honestly all the seasons, is to find the clothes which fit you and not to try to squeeze yourself in uncomfortable but trendy fits that simply don’t look flattering. We hope that our summer fashion tips have helped you feel like your best self during these scorching summer months!

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