Steve Lucas & The Rising Tide album launch: Aug 12 @ The Lomond

ARTIST:                        STEVE LUCAS & THE RISING TIDE

ALBUM:                       CROSS THAT LINE




Steve Lucas is well known to music lovers as the last surviving founding member of Australia’s infamous, and much-loved punk rock band X. Duly described as a national treasure and a living legend, Lucas has always pushed the boundaries and defied expectations.

He pushed for Cathy Green to join X – declaring he’d quit otherwise. Later he would do the same for Cash Synnerdahl, a full transsexual, decades before such support became widespread and these days, expected.  “It’s simply about the right person for the right job. Sex or gender has nothing to do with it.” 

Lucas’ music tastes are, as always, wide and varied. “I don’t care what it is, as long as it is good.”  And right now, Lucas is revelling in the pub scene and playing a ‘groovy fusion of blues and jazz’ with his latest outfit The Rising Tide, once more defying expectations.

Lucas’ pathway back to the blues began with the Heinous Hounds, a loose co-op playing blues covers that has included Ashley Davies, Jerome Smith (Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos/Divinyls) and the late, great Chris Wilson.

The Rising Tide features Pete Mavric (double bass), Peter Robertson (drums), Bruce Haymes (piano), Dave Hogan (blues harp) along with the horn section of Chris Vizard, Travis Woods and Jon Hunt.  Lucas describing the band, says “It’s a lot like X – seriously. Very basic and all about feel.

This allows for more subtly and sophistication.  All I’ve done is brought it down a little. Double bass, Dobro guitar, and brushes. The big difference is adding a piano and a bit of blues harp here and there and of course a few horns…”

Referring to the music on ‘Cross That Line’, Lucas goes on to say “It’s a kind of tribute to the blues in its many shapes and forms. From country roots to Celtic folk with a taste of New Orleans swing thrown in for good measure. In many ways, this record has been a lifetime in its making. 

Even though I started out in the Punk era with X, I have always had a genuine love for Big Band swing and Dixieland style jazz. The same goes for a certain kind of country music and I suppose I have to thank the Rolling Stones for that. I have flirted with the blues a little on most of my solo efforts over the years but never believed I had the gravitas to fully commit. I felt too young. Now, I feel I have finally come home.  It’s not what you’d expect, but who wants to be predictable?”

‘Cross That Line’ is another example of Steve Lucas defying expectations, and pushing boundaries – this time his own.

The album  – now also available in CD format – will be launched in Melbourne on Friday August 12 @ The Lomond Hotel.  Details HERE.

Hit below to check out the title track from the album 

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