How To Maintain Healthy Hair?

Nowadays that, all of us are committed to unhealthy lifestyles, blowout bars, and wrong products with harsh ingredients; the challenge is your strands are constantly prone to hair damages like dullness, thinning, dryness, breakage, frizz, and more. With all these potential strand stresses, it’s no surprise that having healthy hair requires effort to keep it healthy and refreshed. I assure you that even wrecked hair can be revived, and you will again maintain healthy hair with a few little adjustments to your routine related to diet, products, and the way you live. You can maintain healthy, shiny, and good-looking hair by following the instructions mentioned below.

1. Always pick a hair product formulated for your hair type.

We have a huge variety of hair types with many different characteristics and needs. Therefore we should check and find suitable products that meet our strands needs specifically. For example, colored curly hair is prone to damage because of its natural tendency to dryness in comparison with a straight strand. Thus if your hair is damaged or chemically treated, you should change the routine and consider a 2-in-1 shampoo instead of a regular one. You should build your everyday hair routine based on your hair needs. For this matter, in order to learn more about products, specific routines, or techniques, finding your hair type community on social media such as Facebook groups is helpful. Also, you can search specifically about your hair type in magazines and shops designed for that specific hair type, such as Curlfans which exclusively talks about curly hair and many other online magazines for each hair type.

Remember that since what works for others may not work for you, you must always go through your own trial and error process. This A/B testing method is the best method for breaking down your hair care routine to find your hair suitable products.

2. Wash Your Hair Correctly.

Regularly washing your hair keeps your scalp and hair clean and free of dirt and excess oil. Your hair type and personal preferences will determine how often you should wash your hair. When your hair is extremely dry, limit your washing to twice a week. Washing your hair on alternate days can help if you have an oily scalp. What you can control is the kind of shampoo you use, not all of the environmental factors that damage your hair. A shampoo with fewer chemicals is healthier for your hair. Choose a gentle shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Despite their use in shampoos for lathering and preserving, sulfates and parabens can cause skin irritation over time and disrupt hormones.

3. Condition Based On Your Hair Needs To Maintain Healthy Hair.

By increasing shine, decreasing static electricity, and improving strength, conditioners can significantly improve the appearance of damaged or weathered hair. Besides protecting your hair from environmental aggressors, it also protects it from heat styling. Even though you condition your hair after every wash, note that nothing works as well as deep conditioning in reducing breakage and split ends, and it also improves your hair’s health.

4. Try Oils If necessary.

Oiling and massaging your scalp increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles, boosts shine, and nourishes your hair. Additionally, it promotes hair growth and repairs split ends. Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil are some of the options you have.

5. Dry Your Hair Without Heat.

Excessive heat styling can damage your hair scalp. Use the cold mode on your dryer if you have to style and limit it to important events. Air drying or drying with a microfiber towel or T-shirt after washing is the most effective way to dry, but remember that harsh rubbing with a towel can damage the cuticle of your hair.

6. Style Your Hair Correctly.

Learning how to style curly hair requires knowledge; therefore, before choosing a heating tool, brush, or product, determine your hair type. Getting to know your hair can prevent you from damaging your strands. When you have figured out what your hair needs, you should try approved and standard methods such as Praying Hands Styling Method, Raking In Styling Method, Scrunching Styling Method,  Finger Rolling Styling Method, etc.

7. Use standard tools and hair-friendly accessories.

As a first step, change your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin one. It protects your hair’s cuticle by reducing friction between your hair and the fabric. You can change the comb if needed. Remember choosing a wide-toothed comb gets more critical when your hair is curlier.

8. Don’t Forget Regular Trimming.

Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to eliminate split ends. Heat styling, pollution, smoking, stress, and other factors can damage the hair, causing split ends. Getting your hair trimmed does not magically increase growth, but it ensures healthy hair.

 9. Pay Attention To Your Diet.

Your hair is what you eat! as long as you eat healthy food, your hair remains more nourishing than the moment you start adding junk food into your diet. A hair’s structure is composed of proteins and amino acids. To grow and maintain itself, it needs the right nutrition. You can achieve healthy hair by adding eggs, berries, nuts, fish, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes to your daily diet.

 10. Avoid Stress To Maintain Healthy Hair!

Take it easy a little bit. You can say that someone with healthy hair worries less if you notice them. You need to rethink your mental and stressful issues in order to maintain healthy hair. Stress can cause hair loss and unhealthy hair in many ways! Check How stress causes hair loss to learn more about the connection between stress and hair loss.

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