Why Underground Utility Scanning is Crucial for Commercial Businesses

When you own a commercial business, whether this is a retail store, office, or healthcare centre, and welcome people regularly, it is of paramount importance that you take safety as seriously as possible. This is the case when you want to make structural changes to your building which involve the underground utilities on your premises. The problem is that outdated maps and surveys mean you cannot ensure safety if structural changes occur. However, for any commercial business considering this, you don’t have to risk more damage to your building or the safety of workers. Instead, you can make the most of technology in the form of underground utility scanners.

What are Utility Scanners?

Underground utility scanners enable you to assess the concrete structure. Using the 3D structure scanner, you can discover any obstacles or foreign objects that are in the cement without causing any destruction to your property. This type of inspection can be done very quickly, too, and isn’t a hassle during the working day. These are the objects that it can identify within the concrete:

  • Utilities (water, gas, cable, fuel, and vent pipelines)
  • Concrete pipes
  • Clay pipes
  • Fibre optic cables and electric cables

4 Reasons they are Crucial

There are numerous reasons why utility scanners are essential, so if you have been wondering whether it is a necessity, these should convince you that this is the case.

1. Safety when carrying out renovations

When making changes to your building that involves drilling or cutting, the last thing you want to do is cause damage to the equipment you are renting or have recently bought. More than this, you don’t want to risk the safety of anyone in the nearby area. If they were to strike a foreign and unknown object, it could cause catastrophic repercussions. This is why before anybody starts drilling or cutting into your concrete flooring, they must use a Concrete Scanning Radar to confirm that nothing is obstructing where they want to drill.

2. Design for renovations

When you buy a building and have plans for renovating it, making the most of these precise scanners means you won’t come across any surprises when coming up with a contingency plan for this renovation. You can base your renovations around where these objects in the ground are before finalising any plans and ensure you are minimising the damage to the surrounding area. Plus, you then have a cost-effective way of updating your site map. If any renovations need to take place, you have the most up-to-date map to hand.

3. Saves you money

If you avoid scanning your concrete with a 3D scanner prior to drilling and come across objects and utilities, this will delay your construction process. Not using the 3D scanner also means there is an increased risk of human error. If a mistake was to be made and you drill in the wrong spot, this could cost you more money to rectify this and then drill in the right spot after.

4. Peace of Mind

Even if you don’t have foreign objects under your concrete, you will definitely have utilities. After all, in order to open your commercial building and run it, you need to have basics like water, electricity and gas. Therefore, it’s vital to know exactly where these utilities are. If you have just moved into a building, make this your priority to ensure that you won’t come across anything unexpected if you do carry out future renovations.

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