Remastered vinyl version of Underground Lovers’ 1990 debut album, Get to Notice, out now

Cheersquad Records & Tapes release a remastered vinyl version of Underground Lovers’ 1990 debut album, Get to Notice.

The re-issue of Get to Notice by Underground Lovers is out now on limited edition vinyl: 300 copies only – 100 blue, 100 white and 100 black. All vinyl comes with a digital download card.


“Rare footage of a 1991 performance at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney. Filmed by Anthony McNeil. Happening simultaneously on this evening was the 1991 ARIA Awards where we won Best New Talent. We opted to play the gig rather than go to the awards.”

Cheersquad Records & Tapes are rapt to be releasing a remastered vinyl version of 1990 debut album Get to Notice by early ’90s, ARIA Award-winning Melbourne indie faves Underground Lovers.

Originally self-titled on its release in Australia in 1990, the Underground Lovers’ debut was subsequently put out in the UK in 1991 under the new title Get to Notice. The 1991 version contained updated artwork and a different track listing.

The 2022 vinyl re-release (remastered by John Ruberto) contains the original nine tracks that the band recorded for the album with producer Simon Grounds making the most of Underground Lovers‘ original track listing idea.

The re-issue of Get to Notice by Underground Lovers will be on limited edition vinyl: 300 copies only – 100 blue, 100 white and 100 black. All vinyl comes with a digital download card. Order now.

Recorded after the band had played only five gigs together, Get to Notice sounds like a new band finding their feet. It has a certain early-90’s appeal, and brilliantly chronicles the original line up of Underground Lovers in their first few months as a band.

Although less intense than the bands’ live sound at the time, Simon Grounds‘ production on the album captures the unique beauty and intrigue of Underground Lovers‘ earliest songs and gives space to singer Vincent Giarrusso‘s early lyrical experiments. The intriguing blend of the band being recorded live in the studio, along with hypnotic acoustic guitar overdubs and tasteful electronic effects, give the album a distinct 70’s feel with 90’s eclecticism.

The reaction to the album in 1990 was positive and Underground Lovers accomplished live shows saw them garner a strong following in Melbourne and Sydney. An ARIA award for best new talent in 1991 cemented the bands’ reputation and gave them the confidence to make the next big step in preparing for their classic sophomore album Leaves Me Blind.

The re-release of Get to Notice captures an important time in the career of Underground Lovers and highlights the unique charm that captured the attention of music followers and the industry.  The early Underground Lovers‘ logo (designed in 1990 by Grant Rutherford and popular for the past 30 or more years on various versions of the bands’ t-shirts), takes pride of place on the cover of the re-release. Designer Carl Breitkreuz has embellished the original 90’s influenced art with some contemporary design elements for the 2022 release.

Do not miss the opportunity to grab a copy of this wonderful collector’s item.

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