Business Law Basics: 4 Things a Business Lawyer Can Help You Achieve

Business law is a broad field that encompasses a number of different specialties. While it takes a skilled lawyer with the right experience and background to help you find success in your commercial law matter, you may be comforted to know that this doesn’t mean you have to head to Sydney or Melbourne for support. 

From the finest corporate attorney in Townsville to the best business lawyer Albury has to offer, most Australian towns and cities are home to the expert legal support you need. Here are five of the most important things these skilled legal professionals can help you with: 

1. Setting up your business

The last thing you want after investing a wealth of time and money into a new business venture is to discover that you’ve infringed on another company’s business name, logo, or trademarked idea. Likewise, it’s never fun to discover that someone else has done this to you. 

A business lawyer can help you avoid all of the above issues by ensuring that your business ideas aren’t at risk of breaching trademark or copyright laws. They can also help you complete all the required documentation and guide you through the entire business application process. If there are any issues, your business lawyer will address them on your behalf, taking the stress out of establishing a new business. 

2. Corporate structuring

Every business structure has its own benefits and challenges, so it helps to have expert guidance when setting up your business and again when restructuring. A good local business lawyer will be able to help you select the most appropriate corporate structure in both of these scenarios. 

If you’re facing the complex process of restructuring your business, a corporate lawyer will work with you to develop a plan to ensure you enjoy a smooth transition. While no business owner likes to think about bankruptcy, it is helpful to know that a business lawyer can guide you through the process and ensure you come out with the best result possible. 

3. Drafting contracts

One ambiguous line in a contract can spell disaster down the line. This is why it’s worth having a legal professional help you draft any important business contracts. Whether it’s a business-to-business, business-to-client, or business-to-stakeholder contract, a corporate lawyer will ensure every clause is clear and unambiguous. They’ll also be able to add things you may not have thought of, like a pre-suit mediation clause that may help both parties avoid lengthy, costly, and ultimately unnecessary litigation. 

4. Handling employment disputes

While business law and employment law are separate categories, you will find some crossover. A business lawyer can help you handle any issues arising from workplace practices, and they can also assist with such things as contract drafting and contract violations. 

So, whether you’re hiring a new full-time employee, a freelancer, or an intern from the local university, it’s worth having a business attorney help you with the contract side of things. This protects both you and the staff you employ, creating the right foundation for a positive and productive working environment.

While these are perhaps the most crucial things a business lawyer can help you achieve, their skills extend far beyond this list. If you have any questions or believe you could use the support of a corporate lawyer, remember that you may not have to go looking in the nearest big city. There are skilled business lawyers in large and small towns all over the world, so explore your local area first.

Photo: Adeolu Eletu / Unsplash

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