Hidden Meanings of Biker Jewellery

According to the established tradition, a self-respecting biker will not go outside without jewellery. The majority of their trinkets are of little practical value. Rather, they are a means of self-expression and a way to showcase one’s individuality. Nevertheless, some items used to have some kind of useful function until their natural evolution reduced their significance to an ornament. In this post, we’re going to talk about the lesser-known features of biker jewellery.

Biker Rings

The history of rings begins in those immemorial times when our ancestors lived in caves. Throughout their centuries-old history, people relied on them as talismans, a means of identification, stashes, personal stamps, archers’ finger guards, and so on.

As for bikers, their rings, in addition to being an ornament, had (and still have) the following roles:

– Commemorative items. Every important event or person that left a mark on a biker’s life finds a reflection in his/her tattoos or jewelry. Rings presented by a friend or given at biker rallies are the most precious jewellery for motorcyclists. Sometimes, when a fellow biker dies, he bequeaths his jewelry to his comrades. It is a great honor for every rider to wear a ring in memory of a departed clubmate.

– a sign of belonging to the club. Motorcycle club members take pride in their belonging to the biker community. It is the duty of each of them to wear a jacket or vest showcasing club colors. Apart from this, bikers tend to adorn their bodies with tattoos or jewelry featuring the logo of their club. According to the biker code of honor, riders must treat club-related imagery with respect. Loss or breakage of a club ring is associated with major problems for a biker up to his/her expelling from the club.

– Brass knuckles. Biker rings are heavy, solid, and larger than life. A fist adorned with such bling is a formidable weapon. In fact, when brass knuckles were banned in some US states, bikers quickly turned to massive rings as a replacement. Such impromptu brass knuckles were especially popular among motorcycle gangs, for which fistfights were not uncommon. We do not recommend experimenting with rings as brass knuckles because they can easily result in broken fingers.

The very first biker rings had another, almost forgotten today, function. They were sort of currency relevant within the biker community. 70-60 years ago, such rings were fairly rare. This fact alone made them a valuable asset. Motorcyclists used their rings as a commodity to trade them for something useful. Today, original old-school rings became sought-after collectibles.

Biker rings are also lucky charms and talisman, although, not every ring will double down as one. Only those baubles that feature certain symbols have a special meaning for superstitious riders. The most powerful symbol is the skull. Bikers consider it to be their patron saint. They believe that if a person has the mark of death. i.e. the skull, on their body, he/she can avoid a rendezvous with the Grim Reaper.


In the same vein, biker bracelets, especially those made of leather, are more than a means of decoration. A few decades ago, wide and sturdy leather pieces served as wrists protection. Along with vests and helmets, they were part of protective gears for motorcycling. If you are a rider, you would really want something to safeguard your arms in the event of an accident. Plus, wrist accessories helped reduce strain and fatigue accruing due to holding onto handles for hours on end.

With time, the size and thickness of wrists pieces shrank, and they turned into bracelets. They won’t likely to protect your wrists from scratches or fatigue but they’re able to add some character to your look.

Wallet Chains

Wallet chains have a pretty straightforward purpose. They guard a wallet resting in a jeans back pocket. But what other functions they may have? Plenty of functions if you have a creative approach. For example, a heavy chain can double down is a weapon – you wrap it around your wrist or swing it like some kind of lasso (we don’t encourage you to give it a try).

Sometimes, vibration accruing during riding may cause some motorcycle parts to come loose. That’s life. It’s great if you have tools with you and can quickly tighten up undone bolts. But if you don’t, you can use your durable steel wallet chain to tie loose parts up. It will serve you well until you find the closest workshop.

Some models of wallet chains are pretty expensive. Even regular stainless-steel chains are fairly heavy, long, and massive. They require a lot of material. Now imagine a chain made of precious silver and how much it may cost. Despite a lofty price, some bikers opt for silver chains to show off. If you happen to run out of money while on a road trip, this expensive wallet chain can buy you some food and gas. Every pawn shop or provincial gas station will be glad to help you out in exchange for your precious commodity.

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